Traffic Regulations For DDay70 Announced


The French Normandie-70 website has finally announced some concrete plans for the traffic arrangements for the DDay70 period.

The details are available on their website via this direct link to the relevant page in English:

These arrangements apply to all areas noted in the maps on this site which basically includes both American and British sectors.

In some respects the arrangements seem to contradict what has already been stated elsewhere and currently it is not clear whether those who applied via the MOD will have to apply again for this or whether this pass is included with that application.

It seems this new announcement is likely to cause as much confusion as questions it answers.



8 thoughts on “Traffic Regulations For DDay70 Announced

  1. I would like to ask does this mean that no public can attend the event?I ask due to being a ex royal marine i have booked a place in france and was looking forward to attend it and looking at this site i wont be allowed in is this right?

    • No, you have to apply for a pass to enter the Normandy area on 6 June and accreditation to attend official ceremonies, although the final date for that was 30 April. Full details elsewhere on this site.

  2. What postage did you put on the stamped address envelope? Surely a British stamp will not work in the french postal system?

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