Update On French Accreditation System for DDay70

Since 10th April the Ministry of Defence has not been processing accreditation forms for non-Normandy veteran UK citizens.

This process is now being handled in France and the new form is available from the following, which is a quote from an email received from this department:

Return forms by email at the following email: veterans@onacvg.fr

Or by mail and I give you the address:

Mission régionale pour l’organisation du 70e anniversaire du Débarquement et de la Bataille de Normandie, Quartier Lorge – rue Neuve Bourg l’Abbé BP 20528 – 14036 CAEN cedex, FRANCE.

For getting more information about official ceremonies, consult regularly the 70th official website (www.the70th-normandy.com) where the official program will appear.

The new form now requires PHOTO ID and for those with transport curiously does not ask for vehicle registration, which was a key requirement of the MOD form.

More information will be posted when available.


73 thoughts on “Update On French Accreditation System for DDay70

  1. hi all, well ive sent the form to the email as suggested and an extra email to ask about event details and as yet no reply! sadly no response back from adrian cox either re arromanches however i do know it seems he has way too much to do there. with all this in mind and no joy from the MOD or even the legion, i called my local MP . His secretary has been extremely helpful, and she discussed the problem with him, he contacted the MOD and was given a number in France to contact. his secretay called and was directed to a tourism office number which is apparantly handling the necessary car passes!!! however the office phone was not answered, after several attempts she had to call it a day and will be trying again tuesday for me!! and will be getting back to me with the result!! this is a ridiculous situation that we are all in , those of us going and wanting to pay our respects and thanks to these brave men and women . i will keep you posted with my efforts and let you know if successful the way forward!! i will be drafting a letter this week to my MP to thank him but to also ask him to have my comments forwarded to the PM as i feel it is disgusting the way this has all been handled .

    • Thanks for that feedback: stories like this are rather concerning and the immediate fear is the French have not planned for the number of people who have applied and cannot cope. One sincerely prays that is not the case.

      • again just a bloody bog up as uasual you know,im doing this for my uncle who was killed before he got off the beach at sword he didnt see any bloody french officials waiting to see his pass or see if he fitted the bill for media he was a man who when asked to free france from the nazi,s went ,hand out for a rifle no question asked
        if had known then what a balls up this will be he would have stayed at home
        “quote” to my french comrades in arms …bon chance we hope
        tony cole london owner of willys jeep (2 years in the building)

  2. I am travelling over for 4 days, and although staying outside what was the exclusion zone as given, I just don’t know what is happening. Can I drive in or not, and do I need a pass or not. Having already applied to the MOD originally when notified on here it just appears to be a bit of a shambles..


    • If you are entering the ‘Congestion Zone’ on 6th June you will need accreditation for you as driver and your car, as stated by MOD and the French organisation.

      If you originally applied to MOD before the cut off date then they should process this for you but you can always email them to check: I have found the officers working for MOD very helpful and they usually come back to you as quickly as they can.

      I doubt anyone has heard about their application yet given the huge numbers involved and the lack of definitive information from the French,

    • Hi
      I have just found out that there are travel restrictions around Normandy on 5th and 6th June.
      How do i get a travel pas or is there public transport in place. Kind regards Jeff

  3. OK Thanks, I got my details in before the cut off date…..so I may contact the MOD if I don’t hear anything in 2 to 3 weeks time…

    • hi all again, yes i agree with you paul the MOD are helpful and i have a number i will call again on tuesday to see if he knows anymore, but he did say to me that all should be up on their website and it hasnt happened yet! yes it will truly be a nitemare i think. we are still going and will plan to have enough wine in stock incase we cant drive around the areas on the 5th, 6th and 7th!! it is madness that it has come to this at this stage!! i have a friend here who is fluent in french (mines ok but not that good) and i will be getting him to talk to the local tourist office in normandy this week. will keep you all posted .

      • Reports on WW2 Talk indicate that local tourist offices seem to know even less than we do! I would just keep checking with whoever you have applied to.

      • im bloody sure the troops in the first wave asked for permission to land
        im bloody glad it was not a french general in charge

  4. I initially sent an email requesting forms to veterans@onacvg.fr and it was returned as undeliverable saying that the destination was alexandrelelouey@onacvg -where did this email come from? I then sent an email to the alexandre address and this was also returned, so I am now at a loss as what to do.

    • That is very worrying indeed and I will report to the MOD tomorrow.

      It may indicate their inbox is full due to the number of enquiries they must be getting, which I get the feeling they have not planned for. I hope I am wrong.

      • i sent two emails one to veterens@onacvg and one to calvados at veterens@onacvg the latter was returned, however if you look on the MOD website it gives this as an address. you are right paul the local tourist offices know even less . i am a bit disappointed in our good friend mr cox as he hasnt responded to me at all and i thought he may have at least responded again on here with details but seems he knows even less! i will take this up with him on the 31st when i am there!! it just seems to get worse for all of us! fingers crossed for tomorrow when i get a call from my MP,s secretary!!

      • I did finally get a form back from the French email. In the interim, I received an email from the MOD, saying that they would process our application as my mother is the widow of a D Day veteran. It’s the first time we’ve decided to visit on the anniversary, and from all these postings wondering if it was such a good idea.

  5. I’ ve just spoken to the MOD here on one of the numbers given on their website, and for those of us who are not veterans or their families(they will be given priority quite rightly) our forms which we emailed will be handed to the French authorities this week, and they will decide who has what with regards to access. This is for those who emailed the forms prior to the 10th April, those others after that date will need to apply to the French direct, as the MOD will not be handling any more. His opinion is that the 6th will be the day of most restrictions, and we may be better to use public transport which the French will encourage people to use. That’s fine by me as I am staying reasonably close to a station and the line takes us into Caen and Bayeux…Hope this is of interest to you. He also said to wait and see and not be too downbeat about things, so we put our faith into the Authorities to get things right. I’m sure everyone will enjoy their visit, and come back with happy memories…..


    • thanks peter, im still waiting for a reply from MP but am chasing again tomorrow will let you all know the outcome!

    • hi peter i mean no disrespect please dont talk out of your hat what! public transport the invasion beaches were chosen because there was not a lot of traffic #
      now this may of changed but belive me the roads aint
      there still 2 vehicles wide along the beach head ,arromanches has one road in and out
      sword beach, and juno are sleepy sea side towns juno one road in and out, bus every 1 hour now on the 60th the yanks laid on buses for there citizens to get them to colville sur mer how come the british govenment cant do the same or is it that the british have no money or honour left
      i remember gordon brown leaving the vets in the bloody rain while he eat lunch when he came out to address them they boooood him
      we are all concered that vets get to the front of the event
      and get to see where the mate are buried i only hope the media circus dont turn this into z celeb days on tv sorry for my rant im sure evry one is trying there upmost my uncle never made it off the beach that is why i go every year in fact he has no grave only a name on the wall of the missing

  6. oh guys remember to fill form in in french or they throw it in bin … belive me im a french tax payer

  7. Not much use to us, who have been booked in at Arromanches for ten months. What happens if we drive out with our jeeps and motor bikes, and we are unable to return. MVT member.

  8. Hi…I spoke with the M.O.D today and they suggested completing their form and emailing across…then he said “good luck!” Although tonight, the French form..or a French form, has been found using Google. It looks like a request to attend ceremonies but we’ve completed that for everyone, as well as the M.O.D forms. All emailed to the veterans email address. That is all we feel that we can do.

  9. Tony I wasn’t trying to be flippant…where we are staying it will be fairly easy to get to the local station and catch a train into Caen and Bayeux, and once there we can at least walk around, I wasn’t suggesting for one minute that there is a bus service to all areas at all times. If we only have to use the train for one day then i’m fine with that…..I too think our Governments both past and present have a lot to answer for with regard to veterans of all wars….my own mother in law spent 4 years as a land army girl and got her medal 6 months before she past away, not knowing she had got it as she ended with parkinsons and memory loss……so I understand your frustrations.


  10. I wouldn’t have booked my ferry and hotel had I realised centenaries were so restricted!

  11. to everyone here and all the ones who arent………HAPPY ST GEORGES DAY !
    keep smiling , keep a sense of humour , we will prevail, failing that we can all just drink the towns dry toasting our gallant lads!

  12. update since yesterday! ive had a reply from my MP Norman Baker . he has informed that the restriction zone will now only be in place on the 6th june, however the french have not yet decided where that zone will be and what passes are required , this will be done on the 30th april!! as soon as it is you will need to go to the official normandy tourist website and apply for passes! yes i know we have already filled in the forms and i have a feeling it will just be the same again!!! eek! it is a total shambles and the french have made a massive faux pas over this!! you will need a car pass on the 6th to mtravel around the area within the police corden. there are so many other conflicting reports on what is need now , i will wait till the 30th to see if what i have been told comes true, if not back to MP and if necessary PM !! good luck all ! lest we forget

    • Paul
      Thanks for your comments and investigative work. Will someone be putting out an official note one this?

      • no probs happy to help. re the official comment, i doubt it, just keep checking the website, thats what i will be doing. regardless of the outcome we are going and at worst on the 6th will just overlook the beaches from longues-sur-mer with a bottle of wine in hand and a hip flask to toast the lads!

  13. Chaps, we went to the 60th and 65th anniversaries and the French police have not a clue, chaos was an understatement, you will need a car pass to get anywhere need a beach/town that is holding an event, once there you won’t see much as the event is sectioned off for Vets, your best bet is to visit before or after, oh and good luck trying to park your vehicle!

  14. I too woke up rather late to the need for accreditation but have found the Prėfecture de la region Basse-Normandie helpful and very prompt to reply. We are staying in Honfleur which they confirmed is outside the restricted area and also informed me that the restrictions only apply on 6th. We will be free to drive in on 7/8th. Their email ID is pref-70-badges@calvados.gouv.fr
    My first email to them was in schoolboy French. They replied I could use English if it was easier!

  15. I am travelling out for the celebrations staying from the 1st – 7th June 2014. Having read through all these links my biggest concern is getting back to Le Harve on the Saturday, are the normal motorways open or do I need to apply for a pass etc, I am staying at a campsite on Utah beach and had hoped to attend a ceremony at Utah on the 6th, will I now need a pass.

      • Ok thank you I have emailed the address in France as detailed above, do you recommend doing anything else

  16. I have just seen on Ouest France website that Prince William and Kate are at the Arromanche ceremony. This means that even going to Arromanche is going to be a nightmare. Help……….will we actually be able to travel round and be fortunate enuf to see a ceremony. Me thinks not….A year in planning for this holiday and I am beginning to panic. What a load of **** this is all turning out to be. Roll on 30th April for any news on passes

  17. We booked our accomodation over a year ago, had no idea that we would need a pass to travel around, we are staying at a campsite by Juno Beach, can’t believe we are paying out all this money only to be confined to the camp site area, we stayed at a campsite within walking distance of Pegasus Bridge for 65th, the only time I can remember being caught up in traffic was for the Para drop which was called off, apart from that we were allowed to travel freeley with no passes, really hope that things will become clearer as more info is made available.

    • Road closings are available on the Facebook page Normandie 1944-2014. It looks like there will are “B” roads that will be open if the main roads are closed.

  18. I spoke to the MOD yesterday and have been told that the place of accommodation in France will issue the passes, something that was not detailed on the form so I don’t know how that will happen.
    I also contacted the plae that I am staying and this was their reply.
    ” I spoke to the tourist office in CAEN who seem to have no knowledge of any forms we filled in in England. The only problematic time apparently is 11.15 am on the morning of the 6th at Pegasus Bridge as there will be a VIP ceremony but you can visit pm without a problem they said.
    They asked to see the form which has been emailed to them and we are awaiting a reply”

    It appears that the French don’t know what is going on either,.

    I am travelling alone an d have a special reason to be at Sword beach on 6th so getting a bit nervous about the whole situation.

  19. I have just seen this on the facebook page of Normandie1944.2014 which says: External requests by private individuals and professionals not linked to the commune may be made, with the provision of supporting documents, either:
    – by email (pref-70-sticker@calvados.gouv.fr)
    – or by post, using a stamped-addressed envelope (Prefecture-Cellule badgeage, rue Daniel Huet, Caen). I still have not herd from MOD so does anyone know if we need a sticker as this suggests we do: if so, will this come via the MOD or French authorities who will have received MOD applications or do we need to apply to the address above ?

  20. We made 3 separate non-veteran applications to the MOD on 8th and 10th April and have subsequently received 2 e-mails from them saying that they have passed on everything received before 10th to the French. We didn’t receive an e-mail about the third application so I phoned the MOD number. I was told that if we hadn’t received an e-mail from them already then we wouldn’t as they are not passing on any more.
    We booked our camp site, which is within the cordon, back in August and weren’t warned about these restrictions. I have e-mailed the campsite and am still awaiting their response.
    The organisation does seem shambolic to say the least. There are still no firm details of any of the events on any of the official sites and there are less than 30 days to go.
    Worst case would be that we are unable to access the restricted area and consequently our camp site. We can seek alternative camping outside the area but from some comments here it would be difficult to move around within the cordon so may be pointless anyway.
    I’ll post again if my campsite comes back with any news.

  21. Oh, dear.. I am planning to take my father back to Gold Beach where he landed 70 years ago at 7:20 on the 6th June 1944 aged 22 he in 93 this year. Having had the experience of passes and officialdom etc for the 65 anniversary I have tried to keep breast od what’s going on. I applied for our passes via th MOD at the begining of April but haven’t had any notification so far. Having said that i am assuming because we applied as soon as the application form was posted on line and because dad’s a WW11 veteran we will get our passess. However, the RTZ pass is something new that I have just seen. I have just got back form hoilday so wasn’t checking web sites – how precarious this all is.

    I have search all over to try to find an application form for a sticker but no luck so far. The information seems to suggest that you write to one of the local towm hall where you are staying and you will need photo ID. I’m not sure if the MOD will include the sticker with our passes as the have our vehicle registration details but don’t know. It’s very distressing and getting uncomortable close and unsettling for my dad.


    • Marion,

      I understand the main Arromanches event with Royalty etc is on in the afternoon / evening. I would imagine that your plan to take you father to Gold beach /Arromanches wouldn’t be a problem to anyone with common sense, particularly if your father is in his blazer regimental badge, beret and medals to pay his respect at 0730hrs.

      You have indicated that the MOD have a record of your application I would think that any pass will come with the paperwork? If not take the completed and authorised application with you?

      In these days of Austerity I would imagine it will be some form of paper document like a carpark pass or tax disc but plain, I will be amazed if its fancy sticker.

      As for some form of official photo ID for all of us its a bit late in the day to ask for them to be processed in time so I would advise all in your party to take Passport and driving licence BUT Keep them safe.

      The French require Photo ID as its a requirement in France and the French people to have identification on them at all times something us Brits don’t generally have which is probably where the confusion lies. The Passport is an official BRITISH document so should suffice

      At the end of the day the Normandy commemorations is and should be THE VETERANS DAY, not the Queens, the President of France or the USA. Its the VETERANS who landed on those beaches, drifted from the air into those fields and in many cases made the ultimate sacrifice, some people in authority who sit behind desks in Whitehall, Paris and Washington should remember that.

      Please do not worry or allow your father at his age to worry about the bureaucracy try to enjoy the time you have and the company of those who remain and have returned

  22. The whole thing is a shambles nobody knows what the hell is going on and the mod are making it up as they go along. You can not get a sticker or a pass from any french authorities
    as they have no idea what is happening with either. We booked last year and have only just been informed now that we need passes with three weeks to go I dont hold out much hope of getting any so now we may cancel our trip
    and end up losing our money and staying at home. A very sad state of affairs.

  23. Dear All

    I can understand the frustration of all concerned BUT once you pencil in Royalty, Presidents and other high ranking officials there is some twitching going on and understandably. Certainly I was aware that the Veterans were disappointed that the Queen didn’t attend the 65th, so to facilitate the presence of Royalty, security issues have to be decided on and the subsequent difficulties.

    In reality I am sure no one wants to see an event ruined by an IED or other extremist action, which would not only be aimed at the prime targets, but would also affect Veterans, helpers, families and Members of the Public alike. So in some respects it is understandable that all concerned with security issues are taking precautions.
    I think what is perhaps not understandable is the apparent confusion that has not only been caused to us all but it appears between the French, British, American, Canadian, Polish and other Authorities.
    You would have thought that the some form of strategic plan would have been discussed and finalised in the main long ago and the subsequent administrative matters would have been decided on and finalised without what appears to me last minute changes? Its not as if no-one knew the 70th was coming?
    Unfortunately the guys and girls you initially address your frustrations to are not the ones pulling the strings. They have been drafted in from all arms of the service and like you and I deep down they want to do the best they can for the Veterans in taking en-masse their last pilgrimage.

    I would say if you have to ring the MOD take a deep breath count to ten and dont give the administrator/ Military personnel any more grief than they have already had. I am sure they are as frustrated as you and I at the decisions made by faceless men and women in suits higher up the chain.

    The 65th was in many ways a success, mainly due to the efforts of individuals and groups and in many ways a shambles but that was due to the Labour Government not supporting the Normandy Veterans Association in any way shape or form until the last minute when the realisation of publicity came to mind although that criticism can be aimed at all Political parties and individuals.

    That being said Gordon Brown got all he deserved at Arromanches

    Hopefully lessons have been learnt.

    I would suggest that the whole of Normandy will not be a no-go zone and there will be the normal movement of traffic, as it seems the residents of Normandy are not getting special passes to drive around go to work etc EXCEPT entering an area where official events with dignitaries are going to be. SO I would suggest avoid those areas and events and perhaps take time to pay respects at smaller events I am sure those present will appreciate it.

  24. Hi All
    After about four months of e-mailing the UK & France about passes, and friends who are going over telephoning and e-mailing me to ask if there is any progress I sent an e-mail to the Prefecture of the Basse Normandie Region, and his reply was:
    You requested a Traffic Road Pass in order to drive through the ant-congestion area on the 6 of June 2014, where you live (secondary residence, campsite, hotel,bed and breakfast,….)

    1 If you are a permanent resident, or in a holyday home, please contact the city hall where you live. It will deliver a traffic road pass upon presentation of the registration card of your vehicle, and a proof of address in France.
    2 If you are in a campsite, hostel, or at friends,…please contact the manager of the accommodation who will contact the city hall, with a copy of your registration card you have to provide, they will do the required formalities to give you a traffic road pass once you arrive.
    3 The anti congestion area will only be affective the 6 June, if you do not need to drive through it, you will not need a traffic road pass.

    4 If you are on a campsite, hotel, bed and breakfast, friends home,….. inside the area of the event, you do not require a traffic road pass. (Only if you go out of the area and to return)(you will not be able to drive around the area while the event is taking place.

    5 If you are part of a group, please transfer the information to each person as the traffic road pass is for each means of transport.

    John C Haywood

    • Thank you all for the recent comments . I would like to endorse the wise words from Rebecca; at the end of the day this is about the veterans. Having said that, I am still confused by the travel pass issue – I am staying with 2 others outside the zone ( on a campsite at Houlgate which is near Cabourg) but plan to travel into and exit from the restricted zone on the 6th June. Like others, I am hoping my MOD application will provide the required documents. I feel there is a certain irony when thinking back to June 1944 in that so much anticipation has been built up with the added element of fear and anxiety that things may not go according to plan.

      • I booked a hotel last year in Honfleur, its the closest half decent hotel we could get to the D-Day area. I have just read about the passes being required for the restricted area with pretty much zero notice, sadly its typical french bungling bureacracy and comes as no great surprise.
        Any chance once someone actually gets their hands on a pass that they could put a copy somewhere on the web, just to see one……..heaven forbid that we would actually colour photocopy it and stick it on the windscreens of our motorbikes 🙂

      • Nice try but I understand each pass is unique and relates to the registration of the vehicle, so if it doesn’t match then you won’t get in. Just easier to apply to the French via the links/info posted here.

      • Our problem is that we are staying at a hotel in Honfleur, so are outside of the zone. We booked it over a year ago and now, at the 11th hour, find out that the French are doing what they are exceptionally good at, ‘pointless bureaucracy’. There are 4 of us on two motorbikes, we are bringing the bikes as we thought it would make getting around that bit easier. My understanding was that the vehicle passes would not have the vehicles reg details. Does anyone have any other ideas other than my ‘photocopy’ idea?

  25. Has anyone got a pass yet ? I requested them mid april by recorded deleivery so I know they got them in Caen. not a whisper back

  26. Ok people this is it, email or phone your place of stay in Normandy, tell them you are travelling on the 6th of June in the exclusion zone and they will issue you a pass requesting your vehicle number, your phone number, address, email and that’s it, VOILA! but i was informed by my place of stay that you must do it before the 16th of MAY!!

      • We too are hiring a car from the UK. The hire company are trying to find out for me from their Caen office what their procedure is. Will let you know if get any help. Our campsite mailed today asking us to complete a form to get our pass but again, it required a registration etc. I have emailed the relevant town hall with my query as instructed by campsite. Again, any reply I will post. It is so disheartening that this is happening. It is the vets we are going for not the VVIPs

      • Ahh, rental vehicles I don’t know, may be try contacting the rental office beforehand as they may have a “blanket” cover for all their cars for that day!

    • Paul

      Do you know if this also applies to people staying outside of the zone – I am with Eurocamp at La Valle , near Houlgate ; they don’t seem to know much and the site is not owned by them?

  27. I live in France and it is chaos over here!! I live outside the RTZ and want to get into Bayeux, basically I get in if I need access for economic reasons, which I don’t, otherwise they will issue “on-the-spot” passes but how this will work in reality is anybody’s guess!! My mayor knows nothing about the passes but I took in the info from the french website, it’s as clear as mud!! But the basics are; if you are staying or living in the 145 communes affected you can get a pass from the Hotel de Ville (town hall) or the local mairie. Bayeux town hall have a page on their website (in french) relating to the passes; http://www.mairie-bayeux.fr/index.php?id=709. If you hire a car within the zone, the rental company should deal with the stickers.

    Don’t even get me going regarding the passes, we filled in the MoD forms, were told they were forwarded to the French authorities and I’ve contacted them direct to no avail!! I’ve heard there will be a public area at the cemetery so will get there by hook or by crook!!!

  28. Just got this email from the MOD

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Latest information for Normandy Veterans, their family members or those accompanying someone who took part in the Normandy campaign to Normandy on 6 June.

    Regulated Traffic Zone

    The French authorities have announced details of a Regulated Traffic Zone that is to be enforced on 6 June only in the Normandy region. Any vehicle traveling within the zone on 6 June will have to display a sticker supplied by the French authorities. The aim of the zone is to ensure Normandy veterans, invited guests and police and emergency services can travel quickly and safely between the various sites. Details of the zone can be found here: http://www.the70th-normandy.com/dedicated-areas/traffic/?lang=en.

    MOD Accreditation

    Between 31 March and 30 April, the MOD invited applications to enter the Regulated Traffic Zone for Normandy veterans, families and those accompanying them. The MOD D-Day 70 team are continuing to process these applications with the French Authorities, in order to help make their experience of 6 June as straightforward as possible.

    If you (or someone on your behalf) has submitted an application to the MOD and have received in return a seven digit reference number, then be assured that you are on our system, and that we will be in touch with your Tour Operator/ Group Leader/ Carer/ Family point of contact in the coming days. There is no need for you to contact the French authorities direct.

    Applications for the Regulated Traffic Zone, for those yet to apply through us, can be accessed at http://www.the70th-normandy.com.

    What happens next?

    The D-Day 70 team are working with the Royal British Legion to dispatch a personal accreditation pack by the end of May to all who have applied.

    Please be assured that the team are mindful of individual travel plans, and that some will begin traveling to Normandy from the weekend before 6 June. Every effort will be made to ensure that you have the documentation that you need for your trip.

    Others wishing to travel in Normandy on 6 June will need to accredit via the French authorities by emailing the National Office for Veterans and Victims of War of Calvados at veterans@onacvg.fr or posting forms to Mission régionale pour l’organisation du 70e anniversaire du Débarquement et de la Bataille de Normandie, Quartier Lorge, Rue Neuve Bourg l’Abbé – BP 20528, 14036 CAEN Cedex. Information regarding the process can be found at http://www.the70th-normandy.com or http://www.le70e-normandie.fr/practical-information/f-a-q/?lang=en.

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued separate travel advice to the public for those wishing to make the journey to Normandy during the D-Day 70 commemorations here.

    Keep up to date by checking for latest news on http://www.gov.uk/mod/dday70 (which will be updated regularly) or http://www.the70th-normandy.com.

    Yours faithfully,

  29. I aim to get to Arromanches for the 6th. The restrictions aren’t as bad as I originally thought as they only apply on the 6th June and only apply to cars I think (correct me if I’m wrong here). So my thinking now is to drive to Arromanches on the 5th and just stay up overnight to see the march past. I am sure some bars will be open late??. Alternatively is it possible to get to Arromanches by public transport on the 6th I wonder? Another option is to walk from Bayeux to Arromanches on the 6th.

  30. Just received this email from the MOD – this should apply to all who are in their sytem and have a 7 digit reference number.

    Hope it helps


    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thank you for contacting the MOD regarding the D-Day 70 commemorations. We sincerely apologise for not being in touch sooner with regards to passes and when you will receive them.
    We will be assisting the Royal British Legion in posting out information packs with car passes and event invitations that you have qualified for early next week. The Bank Holiday will sadly be delaying us a little further but things should start moving along nicely after that.
    We apologise for the time it has taken however we are moving forward and will be receiving the necessary passes from the French Authorities today and therefore we have not been able to expedite the distribution any more than we have.

  31. Good news I have just received my pass from mod ,so things are moving. But still confused,is this good enough or do I need the French issue pass as well???

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