D-Day Plans in Portsmouth Announced

The D-Day Museum in Portsmouth has announced on its Facebook page the provisional plans for the D-Day70 commemorations in Portsmouth for June 2014:

“Here is are some initial details of the plans for the 70th anniversary of D-Day in Portsmouth. From 3rd to 8th June, there will be a veterans’ centre on the Southsea seafront, where Normandy veterans will be able to meet each other and members of the modern armed forces. On 5th June a drumhead service and parade on Southsea Common will be held, following this there will be an amphibious landing on Southsea beach by the Royal Navy. In the evening there will be a Sunset Concert for Heroes aimed specifically at veterans and their families as guest of honour. On 6th June, we turn our focus to the remembrance of D-Day with a service at the D-Day Stone in Southsea led by the Royal British Legion. The weekend of 7th – 8th June will see military vehicles, re-enactors and other activities bringing the wartime period to life on the seafront. Other events and exhibitions are also planned, and nearer the time more information will be published at www.visitportsmouth.co.uk– a designated website is also currently being developed. Events are still being planned, and more details will be released nearer the time.”

2 thoughts on “D-Day Plans in Portsmouth Announced

  1. Does anyone know if there is to be a Pin Badge or Medal for the Veterans of D-Day? My Father was a Royal Marine Commando first in on Gold Beach. He suffered a stroke 15 years ago so could not go to France but there is a ceremony planned in our Town and I would like to arrange for him to be presented with something on that day. I would be very grateful if anyone has any information. Many thanks Shirley Pitcher

  2. The red arrows are displaying in Portsmouth on the 5th June also, any information on this as I can’t find anything about it besides it being on their display dates.

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