D-Day 70: Initial Plans for Ceremonies in the US Sector 2014

Some initial details for official ceremonies in the American Sector of the Normandy battlefields for the 6th June 2014 period have been announced. Access to these ceremonies is open to all, although there may be some VIP areas and also traffic restriction because of the participation of international Heads of State.

Given the number of British servicemen involved in the landings at Omaha Beach it is also hoped they will have some involvement in ceremonies as well as those already noted.

Thursday, June 5th 2014 
Utah Beach (Cotentin – 50) : 15:00 pm
International Ceremony with American, French and German Veterans

Friday, June 6th 2014 
Colleville-sur-Mer, US military cemetery (Calvados – 14) : 07:00 am
International Ceremony with American, French and German Veterans

Friday, June 6th 2014 
Utah Beach (Manche – 50) : 09:00 am
“IVY March” from Utah Beach to Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, on the same itinerary used by the men of the 4th Infantry Division on June, 6th 1944

Friday, June 6th 2014 
La Cambe, German military cemetery (Calvados – 14) : 14:00 pm
International Ceremony with American, French and German Veterans

Friday, June 6th 2014 
Sainte-Mère-Eglise (Manche – 50) : 20:30 pm
Peace concert at the church of Sainte-Mère-Eglise

14 thoughts on “D-Day 70: Initial Plans for Ceremonies in the US Sector 2014

  1. I attended the US ceremonies at Omaha Beach in 2004 with my sister and my father, who was a Normandy Veteran, former member of 29th Infantry. I remember we had to have some sort of identity passes, (badges) to get into the area. We were able to get ours once our father had his badge. Sadly our father has died since then. My sister and I would like to attend some US commemorations in Normandy in 2014,particularly at Omaha Beach, and would like to know if we will need passes this time, and if so, how do we obtain them. Thanks for your help, Catherine Kidd.

    • It is likely that passes will be needed as security will be very high, especially if heads of state attend. These details have not been announced as yet. My advice at this stage is to book accommodation as finding that is likely to be harder than getting a pass.

    • I have to agree, finding accommodation is already very difficult.
      My previous blog http://www.normandy2009.blogspot.com and current blog
      http://www.dday2014.blogspot.com have some tips.
      As far as the passes go, that was relatively easy.
      I sent an email to the address for passes and gave the specifics of our party:

      In your RSVP please indicate the following. Please note that all items other than “Special Needs” are mandatory.

      Full Name
      Are you a D-day veteran, Normandy Campaign veteran, or WWII veteran?
      Date of Birth
      D-Day Veteran’s Escorts Name (if there are more people in the group beyond the one escort, this should also be indicated)
      Special Needs (e.g., wheelchair)
      Will you go to the Caen SNCF station or the Caen Exposition Park?

      RSVP-Obama RSVP-Obama@state.gov


      Name : David Zamula
      Local Address : Marc et Laurence Chaperon (c/o)
      Les Pieris
      14 450 Grandcamp maisy, France
      Not a veteran.
      Date of Birth : May 15
      I am the ESCORT for Normandy Campaign Veteran (Rudy Zamula)
      Special Needs : NONE
      Caen Exposition Park

      Here is the return email:

      Dear Rudy Zamula,

      We are pleased to send you this invitation to the joint Commemoration Ceremony on June 6 at the American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, France. Please read the instructions below and RSVP to RSVP-Obama@state.gov. This invitation is non-transferable and for only one person. If you have received more than one email from us, please open them all as they may be invitations for you to pass on to others in your organization or family.

      RSVPS must be received by May 28th!

      Information for the 65th Commemoration of the Normandy Landing

      This information ONLY concerns the joint Commemoration Ceremony on June 6 at the American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, France.

      Please consult the following webpage for crucial information on your participation in this event: http://france.usembassy.gov/root/pdfs/dday-logistic.pdf

      All guests are asked to plan their full day participation in this event.

      It is not possible to arrive at the Cemetery and Memorial site by private car. Guests must arrange their own arrival to staging points in Caen SNCF station or Caen Exposition Park. Invitees will take shuttles to the cemetery. Further instructions will be sent separately.

      Please keep in mind the following basic guidance for participation:

      Invitations are non-transferable, not for sale or re-sale.
      No signs or banners are permitted
      No bags are allowed. Please limit personal items to what can be carried in pockets or small purses.
      No food or plastic bottles will be allowed on the cemetery grounds. All food items must be consumed before entering the cemetery grounds. As this event is expected to last the full day, please plan accordingly.
      Only small cameras are permitted. Please do not bring large telephoto attachments.
      RSVPs must be received by May 28. Early responses are requested due to the limited seating available for this event.

      Please RSVP and direct questions to RSVP-Obama@state.gov

      Passes were granted at the reception at the site.

      Hope that helps.

      • Just FYI, this was for the last major anniversary in 2009. The procedure changes, so no promises what it will be like next year. As soon as I learn anything, will share that information. It was difficult to find details in 2009, hope it will be easier in 2014.

      • Hi there

        My Father was in the British Navy and was a Petty Officer in charge of a landing craft supporting the USA troops on the 6th June. We have all our accomodation booked but can not find out who to contact to ensure we get tickets and passes from.

        He does want to take part in a celebration for the troops that landed on Omaha beach.


        Sheila Rush

  2. My uncle, Major Thomas Clayton Cargill was the deputy leader of the 15th squadron, 61st Troop Carrier Group who flew elements of HQ Company 2nd Battalion 507 PIR of the 82nd Airborne Division to DZ just outside of St. Mere Eglise, France beginning at 2:32 a.m. on the morning of June 6, 1944. He was later killed March 24, 1945 in Operation Varsity. My husband, son and I are planning to come to the D-Day events this year,2014. Could we obtain special invitations to attend?
    Thank you,
    Mary Lou Peake

  3. Anyone have any thoughts about American DDay and Normandy Veterans not attending the Sword Beach ceremonies and instead attending the Omaha ceremonies? If the 65th Anniversary is anything to go by, the Sword Beach ceremonies will require passes from the US Embassy with limited transportation access (bus only) and there will be security restrictions because of heads of state and the Queen attending. I am sure that Sword Beach will be the biggest and most impressive gathering, but having to be seated an hour or more before the first VIP arrives and waiting for an hour for them to leave at the end makes it a long day and it can get cold and wet in Normandy.
    I am reading that the smaller ceremonies at Colleville-sur-Mer will not require passes and that there will not be parking restrictions and this could be a good argument for attending Omaha Beach observations.

    • Where are you reading that there will not be parking restrictions and passes at Colleville-sur-Mer? I can’t seem to find any specific information about it.

    • I’m not sure what you base these comments on as passes will be needed to almost every DDay70 event because of the VVIPs who will be present. Security in the US sector will be very high indeed.

  4. My grandad fought at DDday, I have his medals and has since died. My family and I wish to represent him at the ceremonies. Where can I go to get a pass?
    Kind Regards Julie Barber

  5. My father was in Royal Navy and was as Omaha beach. He attended 60th anniversary ceremonies but was at ceremonies on british beach – He hopes to be well enough to attend this year and for obvious reasons would like to attend ceremonies at Omaha beach – he can’t be only british veteran for whom this is true – anyone know how we can help arrange this for him

  6. I have a planned trip to Normandy this year leaving Ramsgate via Dover on the 2nd June and returning 7th June, I have 7 spaces available, if your interested please email me for details on cliver1964@yahoo.co.uk

  7. Hi Again, thanks for all the info!
    Do you know if the official form for the Colleville ceremonies is “ABMC_Form_-_6th_June_2014_-_Veterans_&_NOK.PDF”? This has been forwarded to me, and is to be returned to :

    As the name implies, it is for Veterans and Next of Kin.
    Email: DDay70@abmc.gov
    Fax: +33.(0).231516209

    Let me know if you want the supporting information…

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