D-Day 70: Initial Plans for Ceremonies in British Airborne Area

Airborne veterans in Normandy (Reuters)

I have received some details of the initial plans for 70th Anniversary commemorations in the British Airborne sector of the Normandy battlefields for June 2014.

4 June 2014

  • Memorial Service: To be held at Putôt-en-Auge.

5 June 2014

  • Merville Battery: Short service of commemoration.
  • Breville Crossroads: Short service of Commemoration
  • Veterans’ picnic: At Breville attended by veterans and their guests.
  • Parachute insertion: details to be announced.

6 June 2014

  • Ranville Crossroads: A short wreath laying ceremony to 13 Para Bn at their memorial.
  • Veteran March: Veterans march from the crossroads to the cemetery.
  • Memorial Service: A memorial service in Ranville War Cemetery.

17 thoughts on “D-Day 70: Initial Plans for Ceremonies in British Airborne Area

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  2. I plan on attending the ceremonies of D-day next year for the 70th anniversary. This will be my first time making the trip and i was just wondering do i need to make arrangements to attend ie tickets or passes. This maybe a stupid question but i want to make sure i can attend all ceremonies i wish.

    Regads Simon

    • Hi Simon – it’s unlikely to be on a ticket basis but they will have security and you may need to apply for a pass if you are driving into the area. These details are not public as yet but will be on the site when made available.

  3. Do you have any update on whether any entry passes are required to drive to any of the main celebration sites on d-day? Thank you.

  4. When do you think passes will be available and how would I get one? Particularly for Ranville and landing beaches?

    • I’m told Ranville will only be open to VIPs and veterans plus carers.
      Seems it won’t be a public event?

      No detail on when passes available. In 2004 it was in May!

  5. Do veterans get any special treatment? I’d like to take my grandfather who was part of the landings.

    • Hi Phil,

      Nothing has been announced as yet.

      The French keep saying ‘information pending’ but so far we are very much in the dark.

      As soon as it is announced information will be placed here.


    • Hi Phil,
      Depending on where you have booked accomodation you may struggle even to travel to the events on the 6th itself. The 65th the traffic around Sword and Pegasus was grid lock and the same every year around Utah but generally every other day is usually ok and there are plenty of other events and ceremonies happening up and down the coast.

    • I too am very interested in this information. We have our campsites booked and are really looking forward to all the events so I’ll be sure to keep checking back for more information 🙂

  6. Whilst it’s good that the Queen and other heads of state are attending the commemorations it’s the Veterans that are the important ones and I hope every effort is made to make sure they can access their relevant areas. During the 65th anniversary my father and his coach load of veterans couldn’t reach certain areas because the roads were all snarled up with traffic.

  7. Less than three months away now, any news on passes for ceremonies such as the one at Ranville? Many thanks.

  8. Hello My Uncle was on the 2nd Horsa Glider that took the now known Pegasus Bridge. He unfortunately was killed later in the year in the Ardennes. I would like to attend the ceremonies, how to I apply for tickets and passes?

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