D-Day Location: The Original Pegasus Bridge

Pegasus Bridge was the name given to a mechanical bridge that crossed the Orne Canal which ran from the Channel coast into Caen. It was one of two bridges that had to be captured by men from 6th (Airborne) Division on 6th June 1944 to allow the expansion of the bridgehead and stop the Germans from attacking into the flanks of the landing. D Company of 2nd (Airlanding) Battalion Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, commanded by Major John Howard, were detailed to capture the position by landing there in a series of gliders. Some 180 officers and men came in during the early hours of D-Day, storming the bridge and the buildings beyond. The bridge was taken and the position re-enforced by 7th Battalion Parachute Regiment until the link-up between them and Commandos who had landed on Sword Beach was made in the afternoon of D-Day.

The original Pegasus Bridge was replaced in 1994 and now resides in the superb Memorial Pegasus Museum.

6 thoughts on “D-Day Location: The Original Pegasus Bridge

  1. Our Dad Henry Greenaway was attached to the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry and was at Pegasus Bridge. I would like to attend next years 70th anniversary and meet any veterans. Can anyone give some more information on who to contact.
    Regards Gary Greenaway

  2. we are making our own way to sword beach for the ceremonies,also the ranville area,will we need passes etc,

    • Yes you will, and it is likely you will have to use the transport from Caen which I understand will be laid on. Unfortunately the French still have not announced how this is to work.

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